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'Cross World Championships Weekend!

I can't write an especially competent preview, but here's some of what you need to know about this weekend's UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Treviso, Italy:

  • All the headliners are expected: Sven Nys, Lars Boom, defending 2x champ Erwin Vervecken, past 2x champ Bart Wellens, and American hopefuls Jonathan Page, Ryan Trebon, Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers. Also a couple roadies, John Gadret and Enrico Franzoi.
  • WCSN will carry the video program same-day. Although their website doesn't seem to have the schedule posted, they just emailed out the details (all times Eastern):
Junior Men: Sat. January 26, 6:00 PM
Under 23 Men: Sat. January 26, 7:30 PM
Women's Elite: Sun. January 27, 4:00 PM
Men's Elite: Sun. January 27, 5:30 PM

You 'Cross aficionados out there are invited to submit more detailed handicapping and analysis, either in comments here or a separate diary. Much obliged.

Update [2008-1-25 13:53:29 by chris]: Thanks to several submitters, we have more details in the comments. Special h/t to Zegnotronic for the odds! Also, Cycling.TV will be showing the races as well, according to the following schedule:

Saturday Jan. 26:
09:50-11:00 GMT - JUNIORS
13:20-14:40 GMT - U23 MEN
Sunday Jan. 27:
09:50-11:00 GMT - LADIES ELITE
13:20-15:00 GMT - MEN ELITE