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TdU Stage 5: Greipel in Command

Finally some action at the Tour Down Under, as overall leader Mark Renshaw lost contact with the front group on the Willunga Hill climb and Andre Greipel added a third win at the race in five stages, enough to take the overall lead with one stage to go. Greipel has been the story all week, though it will remain to be seen if this is just early season friskiness or the start of something big. If anyone has a video clip, please pass it on. Thanks!

BTW, not to pile on, but the only thing worse than a picture of the High Road jersey is seeing it on video. I half expected the commentary to go something like this:

"Brown with a nice leadout, Davis and Renshaw are battling for position, it looks like Davis might take the win... AND ON THE RIGHT SIDE HERE COMES A LOCAL CLUB RIDER... AND HE GETS IT ON THE LINE!"