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5 reasons why everyone should have a cross bike

Tough winter this year in Boston.  Cold, snow, ice, rain and did I mention cold.  I have fallen in love with my cross bike with 26mm road tires as my training bike for winter riding.  Here's why.

  1.  Longer wheel base/upright position makes for more stable ride over sandy/snowy/icy roads.
  2.  More clearance for larger tires to help absorb winter potholes.
  3.  Very easy to clean due to reason #2.
  4.  Cross cranks are a good way to train in winter.  I live in my 46t chain ring.  Too early in the year for the knee busting 53t. And the 46t ring forces me to spin faster to stay latched on during fast sections of my club rides.
  5.  You'll have no excuse not to line up at the next local cyclocross race.