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2 Excellent Examples of Euro Class

Both center around Cylocross, but even if you're not into the mud scene the articles are still well worth reading.

The first is a nice bit on current USNC Tim Johnson, who was a U23 Bronze medalist back in 1999. Within that narrative is a nice bit on Bart Wellens, 4 time world champ as an Elite and U23 rider. Turns out he's quite the friendly host.

The second story is told by current US Elite racer Tristan Schouten, who is currently staying at the US Cross Camp house in Izegem, Belgium. If you work your way down to the end, there's a cool story of current Cross Dominator Sven Njis stopping by to wish the US contingent well and to congratulate them on their dedication. Again, the top dog in the sport taking time out to encourage the up and comers.

It's been my experience that cyclocross is the friendliest of all cycling experiences, with a corresponding vibe from the participants as well. Whether I am watching a race or lining up in one, the atmosphere is a perfect mix of seriousness for what's about to happen, and what it might all mean in the grand scheme of things (which, like most things, is not much). Riders and fans are there because they enjoy the racing, and to show that it's possible to bust your ass while having fun at the same time. That's pretty much the essence of cross.