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Yearlong VDS: Long-Awaited Updates!

Vds2_mediumIt's been over a month since the last update, closer to six weeks. So long, in fact, that we've acquired a new logo since the last such post. Granted, I could excuse myself by the need to hammer away at the Vuelta VDS stats and daily race threads for everything under the sun. But, well, this is becoming very boring so I'll stop.

Anyway, congrats to Bruno, whose Team Davis Wheelworks still holds the top spot from the last major point in the road, the second Vredestein Prize deadline. While the lead is a slim 629 points over second-placed Fromagerie Duval (Anatole), time is running short with but three races to go. More importantly, two of those races are in Italy, including the lucrative Monument Giro di Lombardia. Anatole hopes to make up the ground on the back of... Sammy Sanchez? Fair enough, but Bruno has David Rebellin and defending champ Damiano Cunego. But it ain't over til it's over.

Welcome to the top five to Team BornFromJets and Team North Road, two squads who've been around the upper echelon most of the year anyway. Bumped for now are Guttersnipes and Team Diminutive Vikings... but they're two of the four unlisted teams over 9,000 points and potentially in line for some top-five shwag. And yes, Alberto Contador is the MVP, or so I believe until Ursula convinces me otherwise.