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Lombardia Week: The Video Coverage

It's been a while since I stopped by the Versus website, but when searching for Giro di Lombardia sites I got a sponsored link to the Versus schedule... which, sure enough, includes delayed Lombardia video. Granted, the race is Saturday and their video coverage isn't til 4pm Eastern on Sunday. But broadcast video is broadcast video, particularly when you consider the idea that someone is trying to serve the Giro di Lombardia to an American audience.

Live video streaming on Cycling.TV. No doubt RAI will show it in Europe, though the battle to reserve markets for a single provider is pretty intense lately. Also, don't miss the video clips on Versus. I highly recommend running them on a really bad laptop like mine and listening to Phil and Paul as their voices slow down to half speed. Very freaky.

Feel free to hijack this thread to discuss viewing options outside the US. I'm assuming there's nothing to be concerned about in most of Europe.