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Lombardia Links

Am a bit tied up at the moment; preview coming ASAP. For now, though, since the Giro di Lombardia is largely the same race every year, here are some recycled links of note.

  • Last year's preview, courtesy of yours truly. Note the lovely foliage!
  • The course doesn't appear to have changed one iota. See the last link, then compare to this year's profile.
  • has a pretty huge dashboard up for the race.
  • As for youtube clips, there's the RAI broadcast of Cunego vs the Cobra from last year, won by the good guy thankfully. But if the thought of watching Ricco makes you queasy, here's a more soulful look at the race, through the eyes of Michael Boogerd:

Le Foglie Morte - Impressions of the Giro di Lombardia (via GiroDiLombardia)

Like I said, more later.