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Giro di Lombardia... LIVE!!

Our last live road race thread for 2008. It's always a little sad to wrap up the season, but it's hard to complain when you're going out on this sort of note. The Falling Leaves is not just a monument, but a completely unique race. It's beautiful, hard, and rewards guys who can sprint, climb, and handle technical, winding descents. In other words, it is utterly Italian. No complaints here.

Since CyclingNews is starting its text stuff at 6am Seattle time (9 eastern US), I would expect most of the video to start somewhere in that range. Except for folks in western Europe, where perhaps longer coverage is in order. OK, time to grab some insufficient interval of sleep before hauling my carcass out of bed too early for a bike race, one last time.

New live threads around 300 comments or so, BTW. ... ENJOY!