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2008 Award Nominations

Since I'm surrounded by children at the moment, and anyway we've developed a pretty collaborative model for how things work here, I'm asking for your nominations in two  three post-season categories: best single day of 2008, and rider of the year. ROY is always good for discussion, and best single day is a way to celebrate fanhood without having to pick a "best race" among the largely incomparable categories of classics and grand tours. Have at it!

UPDATED! Let's add a third category, which came to me in reading the comments: single best accomplishment/best day by a rider. Nominate a single effort, or even a particular move, that you found unforgettable. So to recap, here's the election pamphlet:

  1. Who is your Rider of the Year, based on the entire 2008 season?
  2. What was the best single accomplishment in 2008 by a rider in any one day's race?
  3. What was your best/most memorable day in 2008, as a fan?
  4. Do you favor an amendment to the Constitution creating a federal holiday for the midweek classics or mountain stages of a grand tour?