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The Accountant Hearts the Mur de Huy

Per CN today is this heart-warming tale of a Grand Tour stud who looks for some other type of action:

"What other races would I like to win? The Flèche Wallonne, climb on the Mur de Huy is so hard. Liège-Bastogne-Liège, the most complicated of the Classics. The Worlds, if they have an edition for climbers like the 1995 edition in Duitama, Colombia."


I for one would like Contador to spread his talents to other challenges. He has done the Ardennes before, La Fleche and LBL in 07 and 06 so I don't think he's just blowing smoke.  (His best showing was a 26th at LBL in 07.) Anything to get more of the top riders racing each other- and the Ardennes, more than either on the Belgian cobbles or the Grand Tours, seems to be the place that comes the closest to happening.