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Tour Presentation Special!

So rumor has it that there will be a bike race in France next summer. A few mountains will be involved. Everyone will get to wear funny hats on three separate occasions. Someone will win.

But that's a very long time from now. Of far more immediate importance is the Fashion Classification. This all-important classification should not be confused in any way with the Hottitude Classification, which is a different thing altogether. Today, the elite members of the Tour peloton completed the first stage in the fashion race: the always selective Presentation of the Route, in which everyone dresses up in his finest, sits in Velvet seats, and tries to look fascinated by the proceedings.

A preliminary investigation of the Fashion Classification standings on the flip.

• Black is the new black. Or, so believes Tour director Christian Prudhomme. It is the prudent choice, after all.

• After today's events, there is now a hair gel shortage in Spain.

• No Cadel, Halloween is next week. But the pinstripes, this we can embrace.

• The checked shirt, so subtle. The ties? Not at all subtle.

Cuff links are nice. But the open shirt collar? Casual Friday is on Friday, Mark, not Wednesday.

Got more? Do please contribute to this vital investigation.