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Charting the Transfer Season, Part IV (or so)

In the credit-where-credit-is-due department, CyclingNews is busting out its first (that I can recall) comprehensive transfer chart, complete with some unique functionality. First, links: in many cases, particularly with higher profile guys, the listing links to a story detailing the deal, if any, so you can check the sources. Second: sorting. The default is alphabetical by surname, but you can click on either 2008 Team or 2009 Team to see groupings and ponder landscape changes. Good stuff.

Is it the most comprehensive list? Probably not; CN gets their info from the usual big media sources plus a handful of well-placed reporters. Other sites (Wieleruitslagen? Cyclingfever?) will probably track the rumors better or faster. But is that a good thing? The more I troll the European media, the more suspicious I grow of rumors. Until it shows up in Gavia's column, I probably don't need to know.

For now, I'm thinking the CN list may be the go-to transfer site, in English at least. Hogwash? Suggestions? Today is the last day of my own little day-job silly season,  which means I can soon start doing things like updating the sidebar for a collection of transfer links. Yay!