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Election '08: Start Voting Now!

Every fall people of all walks come together and express their citizenship through the exhilirating, noisy, confusing, profound, sometimes violent, usually messy and always disputed process of... elections. Here at the Podium Cafe, it's time to start the balloting!

Below you will see your three-part elections pamphlet, three separate questions described succinctly, and in #s 2 and 3 with a little extra elaboration. You have until (when else?) November 4th at 9pm Pacific to make up your minds and vote, though to facilitate early and often voting these items will all be placed in the features section until the polls close. Do not feel any need to vote today, if you need/want time to ponder your answers. No hurry, really. But if you're decided, there's no need to wait either.

Kudos as always to the SBN development team, who have added automated poll closings and unlimited choices to the old poll system. Final results will be announced November 5, when I sober up, for better or worse. Comments will remain open, though be advised that campaigning within 100 feet of a polling place is unlawful. Consider this post comment central... if you must.

One last note: pursuant to federal elections law, a conflict between registered names "crashdan" and "crashdarn" has resulted in both names being stricken from the voter rolls. We apologize for any inconvenience.