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7th Annual Great Pancake Ride

On Nov 1st, a bunch of my cycling buddies and I will be participating in the 7th Annual Great Pancake Ride.  What is this you ask?  It started off as just a few of us heading out for a few hours on a cold November morning for a chilly ride with some hot pancakes as our reward. 

This ride grew over time in so Mrs Van P decided that it should be a charity ride with the proceeds to go to the Davis Phinney Foundation.  My wife's mom is winning her battle with Parkinson's and thanks to the work of Davis Phinney, many others can have a better quality of life while they battle this debiltating disease. 

Davis is an inspiration to many of us, and we thank him for his work.  If you would like make a small contribution (or large one),  please see attached link.  Thank you.