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Schumacher Positive: Tour de France

D_medium Apparently, today is the day. Or, at least, sorta the day.

L'Équipe reports that Stefan Schumacher has tested positive for CERA. Schumacher won both cronos during this year's Tour de France and wore the Yellow Jersey for two days. During the Tour, French anti-doping authorities placed the German, riding for Gerolsteiner, under tight scrutiny. Until now, they proved unable to confirm their suspicions created by anamolous blood value readings.

The positive test result comes as a result of testing carried out at both Chatenay-Malabry and Lausanne using two different testing methods to detect CERA in blood samples.

Schumacher has had several previous brushes with the doping authorities. In 2005, he tested positive for the stimulant Cathine, but was subsequently acquitted. In 2007, he recorded a high hematocrit on the eve of the World Championships, and showed traces of amphetamine use in a police test following a car accident.

No word just yet on which stages Schumacher tested positive.

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