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The AntiDope

I'm not going to get into the habit of issuing pointers to fanposts, unless they start coming in too fast to be seen on the sidebar for long enough. But if the latest doping issues are giving you a headache, I strongly recommend the Fanshots section, below fanposts. The one currently at the top is a perfect example: Flying Dog's Lore of the Victory Salute, a link without much comment to a completely charming catalogue of celebrations. Then there are Lyne's and Cyclingchallenge's photos, and assorted other delights.

This is aimed partly at myself -- I haven't been paying enough attention to Fanshots. But it's also a message to newcomers and regulars, that if you want to deposit a short... something: post, photo, link, etc., use the Fanshots. When you don't really have text to add, when you just want to pass on a brief thought, it's a Fanshot. Now more than ever, amusing distractions are just the tonic for cycling fans, and the Fanshots section is just the place to put them.

Or, if you must, you can always join the Rear of the Year discussion in fanposts. OK, carry on.