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The Rebellin Question: Transfer Rumor!

Gav_medium Where, oh, where will little Davide ride? The dissolution of Team Gerolsteiner has left Davide Rebellin all dressed up with nowhere to go. He is the most prominent of the Gerolsteiner Diaspora to be still without a team. Time grows short, and few teams have much budget left.

Today comes a hint. In an interview published on the Columbian cycling site,, Gianni Savio reveals that Rebellin is very close to signing with his team, Diquigiovanni Androni. There, Rebellin would join Gilberto Simoni and recent signing, Michele Scarponi. Savio said that the contacts between his people and Rebellin's people are "concrete," but that he can not yet confirm that Rebellin will join the team. They will meet again on Tuesday. Said Savio, "I hope to have good news."

Rumor previously linked Rebellin with ISD-Danieli. But Danieli has withdrawn from the sponsorship agreement, leaving the new team with a significantly diminished budget. Racing as ISD, the team will carry of roster of 16 riders, including Dario Cioni, Giovanni Visconti, and Andrei Grivko. It seems likely that the team will contest a schedule that focuses on the regional Italian races. A Giro invite may well be out of reach. The shrinkage in the budget has meant the end of any possible efforts to sign Rebellin. Indeed, the team may not sign any further riders for this season.

Rebellin has also been mentioned in relation to the H20-Telteck team. But no confirmation of any contact between him and the team has ever emerged.

Perhaps Savio's optimism is mis-placed. He does like to talk. But Rebellin needs a team, and where better than the ambitious Italian team led by Savio? From the sounds of it, we'll know one way or the other by later this week.