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Press Releases

I don't often pass this stuff on, but...

* If you live in or can get to the cycling Mecca of Boulder, Colorado by Saturday, November 22, you can mingle with Team Garmin Chipotle at the Boulder Theater. Event starts at 5:30pm; tickets range from $25 for the rabble to $250 for VIPs.

* If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em: Rabobank is now a "founding partner" of the Tour of California, as well as its official bank. Look for the Rabo label on the best young rider jersey, as well as on the daily shwag in the hospitality tents. Oddly enough, Rabo riders have taken the best young jersey the last two years, so they didn't really have to buy it. Just one more example of the Dutch bank giving more to cycling than they necessarily should, right? No word on whether Rabo riders will be recusing themselves from the competition now.