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Reverse Course: Riccò Goes to CAS

D_medium Riccardo Riccò has decided to appeal his two year suspension at the Court of Arbritration of Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland. Riccò received the sanction on 2 October, after confessing to use of CERA in this year's Tour de France. He also named Dr. Santuccione of Oil for Drugs infame as his supplier.

Because of his willingness to provide names and information in the case, CONI had recommended a reduced sanction of 18 months in Riccò's case. But the Italian antidoping court, which makes the final sanctioning decision, chose to add six months to Riccò's ban, because of his contacts with Santuccione. Santuccione has a lifetime ban from the sport of cycling due to his centrality in the Oil for Drugs doping ring.

Initially, Riccò denied any intention of appealing the sanction. But he also expressed his disappointment with the length of his ban. He had hoped to return in time for the 2010 Giro and Tour, which the 18 month ban recommended by CONI would have allowed. As a result of this disappointment, he has decided to appeal to CAS, in the hope that the court will shorten his ban. The court is expected to decide the case within the next four months. Currently, the Italian climber is eligible to ride on 30 July 2010.

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