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Open Thread

Such an historically slow news day. There are some internal announcements: Ursula has given me about 5 hours of homework to do, including final review of next year's VDS points assignments. Per usual, if you have a real problem with any of the assignments, we'll listen to suggestions for a few days before finalizing the list. Also, a new item: you will only be able to use riders from the list. Last year we said that if you didn't see someone, he was one point, but it became kind of an administrative nightmare adding in the 1-pt'ers for each grand tour. So this year, if you have a hidden name you want to claim, you have to at least email me or Ursula privately to assure they make the list.

After that... Scott-American Beef is playing coy with their new sponsor, as the latter decides which product they want to name on the kit. For some reason this reminded me of a conversation in my head while making kids breakfasts: a list of the top five edible substances ever:

  1. Garlic
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Thai fish sauce
  4. Salt (can centuries of warfare be wrong?)
  5. Wine

Water didn't make the list, as with coffee: these are mere survival matters. Also, I had to eliminate bacon -- too processed. Happy Friday!