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Rock On

Very nice interview with Michael Ball over at Bicycling today. I'm tempted to poach heavily, but in keeping with blogger etiquette I'll just recommend the whole thing and toss out a few morsels. Such as, would you hire Jan Ullrich if he wanted to come back?

MB: Are you kidding? I'd do a backflip. Jan is one of the greatest cyclists of the last 20 to 30 years.

I think this sums up his attitude toward controversial hires like Pevenage, Hamilton, Mancebo, etc. What can you do going forward? In the interview he points out that whatever might be in their Puerto files is known only to the individuals themselves, not you or I, so why bother punishing them? Most people's reaction is, because their activities almost killed the sport. I'm sure if Ball were here, he'd point out: what's the difference between these guys and a few hundred other active riders who didn't get caught? One more pearl of wisdom:

But honestly, these guys are happy to be on their bikes and that's good enough for me.

Redemption is a big motivator. Anyway, Ball also discusses their revamped anti-doping program and the decision not to bother going Continental Pro. Enjoy.