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Saturday Mix 'n' Match

Two completely un-related topics in one post: Niels Albert update, and a new anti-doping policy at the Giro d'Italia.

For the Albert fans, Belgian television reported that he was released from hospital Saturday. They also found a broken rib and treated him for a developing lung infection, which they caught in time. He will have one week of rest, then next weekend can begin aqua jogging for rehab. Unfortunately, it will likely be at least four weeks before he can train outside, and his season is all-but certainly over. Sven Nys has sent his good wishes to Albert, and said to the press, that he likes racing against the young up and coming talent, because it adds to the challenge. — Source, Christine Vardaros.

Meanwhile in Italy, Angelo Zomegnan has declared January 2009 to be "Kilometer Zero" in the fight against doping. "There is too much uncertainty and too little security," he said during a celebration of the Giro's 100th Anniversary held at The Convent of Santa Lucia La Castellina. Zomegnan declared that the RCS would exclude riders with doping infractions, and that they would retain the discretion to decide how long riders would remain ineligible for RCS races, regardless of the UCI sanctions. Zomegnan did not mention any specific riders that they intended to exclude. Will the new policy will apply to returning Italian stage racer and former Giro winner, Ivan Basso? Impossible to know just yet, though certainly the Liquigas management must be wondering exactly what the RCS has in mind. — Source, tuttobiciweb.