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Bow Down To Your CQ Overlord

The other day I was tooling around Cycling Quotient (Too bad CQ isn't a MMO. That would be cool.) and I realized that they post five years of stats for each rider. See here for instance. Actually though they have seven years of stats- you have to click on the lowest "Results" to get the years 2003 and 2002.

So I decided to figure out which rider has earned the most points during both the last five and last seven years- it's two different riders. So before I give you a top-25 listing I'll give you pictures of five possible riders. Could it be:






Or, jump!






Or maybe...



Which guy?

Last 5 Year Ranking Points Last 7 Year Ranking Points
1. Boonen 8888 1.Valverde 11249
2. Cunego 8148 2. Bettini 10652
3. Valverde 8118 3. Zabel 10386
4. Rebellin 7890 4. Rebellin 10243
5. Bettini 7451 5. Boonen 9556
6. Zabel 6932 6. Petacchi 8567
7. Freire 6719 7. Cunego 8234
8. Petacchi 6467 8. Di Luca 8170
9. Evans 6450 9. McEwen 8144
10. McEwen 6333 10. Freire 7993
11. Di Luca 6160 11. Evans 7034
12. Contador 5630 12. Armstrong 6628
13. Jens! 5616 13. Jens! 6134
14. Leipheimer 5615 14. Leipheimer 6068
15. Hushovd 5565 15. Vinokourov 6055
16. Cancellara 5501 16. Hushovd 5913
17. Sanchez 5407 17. Sanchez 5905
18. F Schleck 5340 18. Cancellara 5844
19. Menchov 5186 19. O'Grady 5727
20. Sastre 4679 20. Contador 5637
21. Gilbert 4621 21. Basso 5633
22. Kirchen 4543 22. Sastre 5630
23. Basso 4348 23. Menchov 5571
24. Ballan 4188 24. F Schleck 5438
25. Bennati 4112 25. Boogerd 5225

Some notes:

- Amazing how static the two lists are: Most riders are around the same ranking on both lists with the main differences being a) retired riders listed on the seven year list (Boogerd, Vino, HWMNBN) dropping off the 5 year list and b) Contador (moving up 8 spots) and Frank Schleck (moving up 6 spots). BTW Kirchen is 26th on the 7 year list while Gilbert is 30th on the same list. I thought there would be a few more old guys on the 7 year list but outside of Mancebo (27th) and Garzelli (30th) recently retired riders are nowhere near the top 25.

- I am a little surprised how the top sprinters are so prominent here. Boonen, Zabel, Petacchi, Freire, and McEwen are all in the top 10 in both lists. After the Big Five you see no other sprinter other than # 15/16 Hushovd until #25 on the 5 year list, Benna sigh, or O'Grady, #19 on the 7 year list (and no one after Stewy). That's quite a gap and it shows how dominant the top sprinters have been. Its also worth noting with these sprinters is that they aren't so dominant in VDS though they are valued. The difference here is that some sprinters races likes Paris-Brussels, aren't scored in VDS.

- Nevertheless I expected the Ardennes guys to be a little more dominant in the top 10. That didn't happen but look at the whole top 25 in either list. Besides the sprinters,there are only three stage racing goat types, three riders who don't (or haven't yet) show the speed to finish off a hilly classic- but do show consistent and mega climbing ability: Menchov and teammates Contador and Leipheimer. The rest can and are good at the Classics- yes even HWMNBN at least early in his career.

- And then there's Jens!- a category all his own.

- Valverde is just so damn consistent. Even though he's only 3rd on the 5 year list he has the highest average yearly placing: 5th. In those five years, the Green Bullet finished 1, 3, 2, 14 and 5. He's the only one in the last five years to finish outside of the top ten only once. Boonen's average is 6.8th place. Tin Tin's 10th. Cunego: also 10th. Alejandro Valverde: your CQ Overlord.