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Lost in Translation

We see cases all the time of mangled translations in the English-language press. And we heckle when appropriate, natch.

Here is a bit of a head-scratcher from the Italian press:

"Tom Danielson, Captain of Garmin for the Giro and Tour," headlines tuttobiciweb. The article continues, "Tom Danielson is one of the big, promising talents in American cycling, but ... it is true that he has not won a race since 2006, when he won a stage of the Vuelta a España." He is approaching the 2009 season with "grand ambitions," concentrating especially on the early part of the season. The article goes on to list races such as Tour of California and Pais-Vasco as numbering among his objectives. He will then ride the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France, they report. Danielson "who will be the team leader for Garmin-Chipotle in these races," writes tuttobiciweb, said that it is important for him and for the team that he achieve good results.

Now, I love me some tuttobiciweb. They're quick. They're usually accurate. And they're Italian. But they seem not to know their Team Garmin so well. Christian Vandevelde, who? Never mind that Danielson has yet to finish either the Giro d'Italia or the Tour de France. Perhaps the Italian journalists simply know something we don't know.