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Election '08: Returns Are In!

This is truly an historic night, if not an utterly surprising one. To wit:

  • Congratulations Rider of the Year Alberto Contador! The double grand tour winner defeated runner-up Fabian Cancellara by 11%.
  • Don't weep for Cancellara though, as he has won the honors for best single act, in a nailbiter over teammate Carlos Sastre's Alpe d'Huez escape. Cancellara's stunning capture of Milano-Sanremo was the year's best move by any rider, according to the people.
  • Finally, we will apparently never forget Sastre's Alpe d'Huez attack, which scored the night's only emphatic victory in the category of most memorable day for fans. While Cancellara may have stunned us, Sastre's great escape was the day we got to enjoy above all others.
Thanks to all of you for your votes. The People have spoken!