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More on the Stevic Story

D_medium VeloNews has picked up the Stevic story in today's online edition. Neal Rogers got busy with the phone and did a little leg work, chatting with Toyota-United owner Sean Tucker and with Travis Tygart. According to Tucker, Stevic was unaware of the case pending against him in Italy, and learned of it only when the suspension came down earlier this week. Tucker also said there was no information available about the case until the suspension. "There is literally nothing anywhere on the Web or otherwise until recently," he explained. (Memo to Gav: check this.) Tucker also confirmed that Stevic plans to appeal the ruling before TAS.

According to this report, the CONI ruling would apply outside Italy, so Stevic would be banned from competition in the United States and elsewhere. This detail was not clear from reading the CONI ruling report.

Interestingly, an early edition of this story did not include an link to CFA's original story. Now it does. Which is as it should be. If they could just fix the mis-id in the penultimate graph, it would all be good.

...Which, later this same day, they have now done (I'm not sure who won the bet, though). So it really is all good now.

Link to the VeloNews Report.