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Cadel to the Giro!

Girbecco isn't the only bizarre animal-like thingy to grace the Centenary Giro d'Italia next May. Make room now (or else!) for Molly, official canine mascot of Team Cadel. Australia's greatest-ever stage racer is headed to the Corsa Rosa to take on Basso, Armstrong and DiLuca as the Giro looks to turn 100 in some style.

Whether Evans is there to win remains to be seen, though he will undoubtedly say the right things, and will mount a credible threat even if he's got an eye on July. Also, whether the course suits him will be revealed on Saturday. It probably won't, if only because his strengths are the same as Lance's and Basso's, but if the highest climbs are early in the race, as appears to be the case, then it may limit his weakness, which is holding himself and his team together for three whole weeks. I am betting he'll be a serious contender to win, and reclaim the jersey he held ever so briefly in 2002.

And the Centenary Giro looks ever more intriguing...