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UCI Announces Pro Continental Teams

The UCI has announced today the teams who have received Pro Continental licenses for the 2009 season. Five teams were denied licenses, due to unspecified irregularities. They have until Friday, 5 December to appeal the decision. The five are: Rock Racing, H2O, LPR Brakes, Amica Chips (Martinelli's new team), Murcia-Contentpolis AMPD. According to this press release, it appears that Rock Racing applied for a Pro Conti license after all, but so far, the UCI has not granted them a license. In the United States, BMC is the only team who has received a Pro Continental license.

Have a look at the press release for the full list.

Quicky Update: Podium In Sight gives us the explanation for the denial of Rock Racing's application. According to an interview Ball granted to Bicycling Magazine, the team put in an application, then decided against completing the process. Ball reportedly did not see much chance of securing invites to the Giro d'Italia or other major races, given the many other teams trying to get in the door (true dat!), and decided to save his cash. The team will revisit the decision next season.