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Monday Initial O/T

Out of the blizzard and into the storm. We're where we're supposed to be this week, narrowly missing a winter howler in Seattle that DS Little Bear would have spent his adult life retelling in outsized memories: "They called it 11 inches, but we had to climb out of the second story windows..." Anyway, my travels don't represent much more than two slices of America, but after the last week it's getting harder and harder to picture, you know, actual road cycling. Which is too bad, because I sure could stand to burn 4,000 calories right now.

I know a lot of us are getting ready for the TdU, but it's worth noting that the Cyclocross season is about to hit its peak in Europe. Large Bomb announced his presence with authority today in Nommay, France, beating out Sven Nys -- a sentence you don't read very often. Boom is coming back after missing or barely competing in the first five rounds of the World Cup, which Nys leads handily over Bart Wellens. There are three rounds remaining, in such Cycling hotbeds as Zolder, Roubaix, and Milan, sandwiched around the various national championships on January 11. Finally, on January 31, it all comes to a head in Hoogerheide, Holland at the World Championships. Game on.