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Final Vacation Housekeeping Thread

It's getaway (back home) day here in the tropical paradise of north Jersey, which means one thing principally: I will be covered in kid food by the time we land in Seattle. And I suppose it means that starting tomorrow you'll see a resumption of the usual uninterrupted, unedited stream of consciousness* you've grown accustomed to here.

[* Is there a definitive answer as to whether this is supposed to be "conscience" or "consciousness"?]

For today's O/T, we're wondering: what cycling gear wound up under the tree, next to the menorah, or otherwise fell into your possession in the last week? Me: socks, pants, a sweet Assos hat, and some blinky motion-activated LED lights that fit on your valve stem. I also passed on a Cannondale jacket that was way on sale, for fear of depleting the Wheels Fund.