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Battenkill Tour Gaining Momentum

VN has the story. Apparently Chuck Schumer is a good guy to know. New York's senior senator -- himself a cyclist -- couldn't force the race's acceptance into the UCI America tour, but he's done the next best thing: landing a sponsor. Schumer's intervention apparently has helped deliver former USPS Team sponsor AMD to the Tour of the Battenkill, where AMD or its new incarnation will provide backing for a full slate of races. Race director Dieter Drake told VN he has assurances that Team Type 1, Rock Racing, Steve Bauer's Team RACE, and the Kenda team are slated to appear. Also, registrations are apparently through the roof, though that's what happens when your event gets top billing at the Podium Cafe (and VeloNews). Nice comments from Vassili Davidenko of Type 1 about the need to support big East Coast events. Nothing says "east coast" like a 200km grind over dirt and short climbs, in variable conditions.

Having garnered a lot of attention, this is Battenkill's chance to shine, I would guess. If you live anywhere near Cambridge, NY, you might want to contact the organizers about volunteering. This may never turn into my fantasy of a true American Classic, but at a minimum it's an event we're likely to hear about for a while.