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Friday O/T

Face it, with a month or so before the Aussie season kicks off Cycling 2009, there is nothing happening. With that in mind, a question: have you ever closed the door on someone? In a race, that is? I am completely inspired by the discussion of a couple days ago concerning this subtle art of cycling -- where you, in the lead, move across the road and pin or block a potential poacher before they come around you, skirting the edge of the Cycling rulebook. Anyway, my racing goal for the upcoming season is to close the door on someone. We have a weekly crit that ends in an uphill dash to the line, around a sweeping turn. In other words, the ideal place to try it out. A prime lap would be perfect, since they usually come down to a handful of guys and the poaching is shameless. This is what will drive me through a winter of training in Seattle slop.