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Blood_mediumStrange pair of stories going forward, but since they concern two of the sport's biggest stars, it's worth following along.

The fat approaches the fire today for Frank Schleck, as the Luxembourg anti-doping folks hold a hearing to determine if there is any violation inherent in his relationship with OP doc Eufemio Fuentes. Frank is sticking to his story that he just consulted on training tips. This is more plausible than the Dog Defense, but still pretty darn troubling. Stay tuned.

Far stranger is the Tom Boonen saga. OK, the guy did some blow. Now it appears he's taken ecstasy. In short, he's not taking particularly good care of himself, and is either having a good time or running from demons. The more it appears he's a regular coke consumer, the more disturbing it is to a sport that lost Marco Pantani to addiction.

But Pantani was an unusual case, a guy with something akin to clinical depression. Until further notice, let's just assume Boonen is a party-boy. The strange part to me is, what's the violation? In the US, possession and distribution are criminalized, as is doing certain actions while impaired. But simply having dope in your system? I'm not aware that having taken drugs is a crime of any sort. So far, the Belgian press (not the best source) is talking about drug use. If that's all there is, why are they talking about criminal charges?

I know I risk sounding stupid talking about complicated matters evolving behind closed doors on another continent. But so far I'm with his attorney: Boonen is being prosecuted for being famous. I welcome more info on this, and hopefully more than just Belgian press chatter.