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Oh No He Didn't!

Professor Wilcockson delivers the smackdown on ASO over at VN. Oh, and that sound you hear are the drumbeats of war:

The 2007 Tour runner-up Cadel Evans has already said that he does not want to start the Tour without his main rivals. Also, both the pro teams' association and the pro riders' union indicated last week that they are prepared to boycott this year's Giro d'Italia should the organizers not accept Astana and other UCI ProTour teams to the Italian grand tour. It's likely they will now threaten to boycott the Tour. If that is the case, then there will be open warfare between the sport's major players -- that could only be resolved by arbitration.

Dang. I suppose there'll be plenty to blog about this year, but that won't make it fun. Anyway, I promise to stop parodying Jon Stewart parodying the Kool Kids from now on.