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Techs-Mechs: Cannondale Sold

Cannondale Corp announced that it has been acquired by Montreal based global consumer product company Dorel Industries, Ltd.   According to early reports Dorel has no immediate plans to make changes to the current corp structure.  However, Dorel is also the parent company of such once-proud brands as GT, Mongoose and Schwinn to name a few.  Currently these bikes can be purchased at Walmart.  Cannondale was acquired to lead the company's new IBD (Independent Bike Dealers)division.  As such Dorel will allow Cannondale to continue with it's innovations and creative designs.  Perhaps the backing of a larger corporation will help fund R & D?  Maybe so, but I'm skeptical.  I plan on picking up another "Handmade in the USA" Cannondale frame while I still can.  As an owner of an early hand welded/painted 1980's Cannondale, I weep at the the thought of seeing those signature fat down tubes and smooth welds hanging from the racks at Walmart.