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Het Feejdbag!

Let's dig right in...

  • Today's winners: Jose Serpa, Gert Steegmans (but with Gilbert winning the overall), and Jimmy Casper.
  • Today's losers: same as yesterday's. Ah well... Prudhomme explains a little more in today's CN notes, drawing a line between Astana's "we're all new!", which they'd said after 2006 as well, and the transgressions of Sinkewicz and Rasmussen, which ASO blames on someone other than their teams.
  • Back to the road... will Cipo be in Palo Alto for the prologue?? Sportwereld says so, but they make sheit up all the time. Cycling Fever isn't buying yet, and Rock Racing has the world's most useless website, so reports are still unconfirmed.
  • Amstel Gold announced the first two wildcard entries: Skil-Shimano and Topsport Vlaanderen. They expect to add three more to these and the 18 Pro Tour teams before it's all said and done.
  • Some browser food for the ToC: despite their Dutch roots, CyclingFever are all over the ToC. Also, don't bother entering their ToC Competition, you can't hope to beat my squad, you can only hope to contain them. Also, longtime PodCaf'er Lyne has been and will be doing extensive work tearing it up over at RoadBikeReview, and maybe cross posting here.