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Breaking: Operacion Puerto to be Reopened!

The gift that keeps on giving. Actually, according to the VN coverage, the prosecutors are saying that an announcement will come tomorrow whereby the court will agree to reopen the case. This is taken as fait accompli if not in fact a final decision. Aside from public pressure, there is no hint given as to why the court may go this way -- help me flesh this out if you all find out more. While 2006 may be the year the riders were unmasked, 2008 seems destined to go down as the year the establishment hit back. Stay tuned.

Update [2008-2-14 16:52:36 by chris]: If this is happening, let's try to make a running list of who's potentially affected. If only for VDS purposes. Here's the Wikipedia active list, with athletes not already suspended presumed to be in jeopardy:

[moved to the flip]

On the list:
David Etxebarría
Unai Osa
Michele Scarponi (suspended)
Marcos Serrano
Ángel Vicioso
Francisco Mancebo
Constantino Zaballa
Ivan Basso (suspended)
José Ignacio Gutiérrez
José Enrique Gutiérrez
Carlos Zárate
Koldo Gil
Óscar Sevilla
Jan Ullrich
Tyler Hamilton (past suspension unrelated)
Jörg Jaksche (suspended)
Carlos García Quesada

Removed (but potentially still in jeopardy):
Allan Davis
Joseba Beloki
Alberto Contador
Isidro Nozal
Sérgio Paulinho
Vicente Ballester
David Bernabeu
David Blanco
José Adrián Bonilla
Juan Gomis
Eladio Jiménez
David Latasa
Javier Pascual Rodríguez
Rubén Plaza
Santiago Botero

Rumored Involvement:
Alejandro Valverde
[about another 150 guys, allegedly]