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Techs Mechs: Campy/Shimano/SRAM Debate!

Enough Puerto/Coni/Wada/ASO talk. Time for something really important to all of us tech heads. What's your favorite component group and why? I will fire the first shot and say I'm a Campy Record guy. First, I enjoy the shift levers. The action is light, precise and the hoods (with my WCS bars) just form the perfect resting spot for my hands. Also, I like the mutli shift functions of the thumb shifter. It's nice to jump gears while riding the rollers. The front derailleur 7 trim stops is a feature that's hard to live without once you have it. I also like Campy's use of lighter materials for non load bearing parts like Ti hardware, carbon face plates, cages and brake levers. Campy stuff is expensive, but rebuildable and parts are available for years after the purchase. There's my vote. What do you all think?