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Vuelta a California: Stage 2... LIVE!

About to turn the page on the prologue, but a couple last thoughts. First, don't try to watch Versus after drinking martinis. Secondly, prologues may not seem like a big deal, but their importance to a race like the ToC cannot be overstated. If the riders simply massed in Sausalito from around the world, had a little soiree last night, and rolled out into the hinterlands of Sonoma, there would never be the connection with the fans that undoubtedly took place yesterday. I wonder if this is unique to cycling-starved American audiences? Doubtful. Somehow, without knowing (you'd be shocked at how little cycling I've seen in person), I suspect prologues are the great traveling road show of Cycling.

Today's stage is a fairly simple run up north to Santa Rosa. Over Mount Tam to Muir Beach, for scenic value, with the stage being decided in a few circuits around Santa Rosa. The ATOC site insists the race will end around 2.43pm... but the fun will start much earlier. Enjoy!