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Bäckstedt Press Release on Crash, Recovery

I get press releases (slightly redacted):

"It was one of those freak accidents, I was coming through full gas with Julian and Chris on my wheel. Weylandt looked like he was going fine and I just glanced down to make sure Julian was still on wheel as he swung off. Next thing I was laying in the road watching all the bikes and riders coming towards me. As soon as I sat up the shoulder didn't feel right and as I moved it, I heard a big crunch"

Luckily the surgeon in the UK who put Bäckstedt's other shoulder together pulled out all the stops to make sure he could see him. An overnight flight from Qatar and x-rays showing a clean break and a little over an hour later he was in surgery. The operation went very well, he was sitting up in bed very soon after and now has a permanent plate in his right shoulder. After an overnight stay in hospital, he hopes to be back on the turbo within a week and back out on his bike in as quickly as possible.
"I even managed to get a DVD of the crash! I'm going to put it on my iPod so that I can keep it as a memento," he concluded.

Big crunch? On his iPod? I'd still be sobbing. These people are not normal.