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Stage 3 Wrap...

... quick, before we top 600 comments in the live thread.

I didn't see it, but learned a few important lessons, starting with: never schedule day-long work-sessions without checking the Cycling.TV calendar first. In fact, don't schedule anything without checking. Also, apparently Tony Montana is a climber now.

Special shout-out to ALL OF YOU who made it happen today on the live thread. I'll stop gushing right after I mention for the umpteenth time that this is what the site was originally invented to do. Podium Cafe 2.0 will probably handle the nesting of mass-comment-swarms more nimbly too. Also, h/t to Ursula, who mentioned the name "gesink" a full three hours before the line. Even the blind pig finds an acorn now and then, right? ;p

Update [2008-2-20 19:14:24 by chris]: OK, I'll say this...

  • The Netherlands... Winners!

With Boogerd retired, who's the next great Dutch cyclist? Tommy Dekker or Robert Gesink? Either way, this has to be more fun than waiting for Boogie to grab second at Amstel every year, right?

OK, back to work. I'll do winners and losers of my own after I watch Versus replays tonight, but you who saw it can get a head-start here.