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Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif 2008 Contest Update!

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Still mulling over your roster for the Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif 2008 contest? You're hardly alone... but the deadline is approaching in a week, so it's time for a reminder as well as a tip to any newcomers.

  • Use the link for the full rundown, but it's a free contest that lasts the whole year and promises fabulous prizes to the winner. Seriously.
  • The key stat: deadline is Wednesday, Feb 27, noon pacific. Email me your rosters to
  • We're on the verge of knowing who's going to the Tour, but most of the blanks have already been filled in. We've also gotten a chance to see a fair number of riders in action, giving some indication as to where they're headed. Consequently, about 45 teams are in so far. They all pretty much look the same.
  • Remember when filling in your roster to check the point values. The most common mistake so far is not locating a guy and assuming he's a one-pointer. So far the record for the actual value of an assumed one-pointer is 12 points.

OK, have at it!