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Califørnia Rundt Stage 5: Solvang ITT... LIVE!

Time to determine who's going to win this race. Naturally, the start order is the reverse of the current GC, but I can't find start times. I'm sure they'll show up soon. And the course, a manageable 24km, should yield winning times in the half-hour range. So take the start time of, oh, let's say Victor Hugo Pena (lying 10th on GC) and Leipheimer's start time plus a half hour, and that's your viewing schedule.

Weather's apparently going to be more of the same, though for a short ride it shouldn't bother people nearly as much. It's an out-and-back course, so theoretically the headwinds and tailwinds will balance out, though it's mostly north-south which means constant crosswinds. So maybe 40 minutes is more like it... Anyway, enjoy!

Update [2008-2-22 11:59:45 by chris]: h/t Scott, from Slipstream comes a downloadable start list!