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Stage 5 Winners & Non-Winners

So many repetitive blog posts, so little time...

  • Levi: winner. See other posts.
  • Fabian Cancellara: non-winner. W/o knowing, I would guess he just left too much on the road in Stage 3. Hobson's choice really: overheat in the hills to protect your deficit and blow your chance to win the ITT. But, not to sound like a Cancellara apologist, you can't blame him for trying. If he took it easy and dropped three minutes Wednesday, it wouldn't have turned out any better. I know it's dicey to draw "lessons" from February races, but in the post-doping world our heroes will be constantly faced with running out of matches to burn.
  • David Millar: winner! This will be a pretty solid result for him, and a great way to cozy up to American fans. Redemption time.
  • Gustav Larsson: winner! Does anyone else see a guy about to raise his profile this year? He's perfect for CSC too, another versatile power guy.
  • Other losers... ah, you decide.