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Virtual Directeur Sportif: '08: Last Call!

Consider this your 48 (or so) hour warning for entry into the year-long Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif '08 competition. [See link for details.] Recall, the deadline for submissions is this Wednesday, Feb 27 at noon Pacific. All changes must be made by then as well.

Some logistics: I'm on vacation and may or may not have my act together that day. If you send in teams at the last minute, defined as any time after this past Friday, then I may not catch any problems with your roster. With that in mind, anyone who just sent or is about to send in their team, please! Check your roster very carefully, make sure you have everyone's point totals listed correctly, and that you have 25 guys worth up to a total of 150 points. Don't double-list any single rider. For Spanish riders with both surnames printed, be careful in locating them on the spreadsheet. And most of all, don't forget that Mauricio Soler is actually Juan Maricio Soler, worth 12 points. There, I think that covers the top 5 most common roster errors.

It looks like since Friday I've received entries or corrections from King of Doping, Pigs on Wheels, Team Arland, Team North Road, Team Nutella and Beef Jersey, two more corrections, an entry from Mr. Muhamad Adams of Lagos, Nigeria, and twelve teams from the Irish Lottery (sorry, one per customer). I'll be entering my own team shortly, having winnowed down the choices to 55 riders and 482 points. Previously I have entered the following teams, which are final unless you heard from me:

Lions of Flanders
Team Angst
Crazy D's Chain Gang
Monkey Merkin
Por La Victoria
The 29 Team
Gianluca Express
The Guesstimate
House of Pain
Team HC
Casher's Mashers
Dark Horse
Red Rockers
The Saint
Rainier Roadmasters
Super Axe Hackers
Dreaming of Cobbles
Multiple Scoregasm
Slipshod Hauenstein
They Might Be Burritos
Fromagerie Duval
Docile Bodies
I Loves Me Some Dirt
Rogue Ryderz
Hit You W/The Real Thing
Team Hastily Assembled
Down Road Team
Derailleurs in the Mist
Square Wheels for Speed
Echelon of Fools
Audrey Hepburn's Neck
Roller Coasters
Cycling Challenge
Club Charts Charly
Urban Assault Velos

On Wednesday I will try to upload the big spreadsheet so you can confirm your rosters. Whether the late entries are on it or not remains to be seen, but the teams on this list are. We will have a couple days to make corrections in the case of problems, but I do not want to have to make changes once we know the results of Het Volk. So please, entries coming in late, make sure they're complete. Thanks!

Update [2008-2-25 13:14:54 by chris]: and heeeeeeeere come the entries... Woohoo! this is going to be a great comp.