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Techs-Mechs: Rock Racing's De Rosa King 3

Just to stick with my Rock Racing theme, let's take a look at the machines that the riders not named Cipollini will be using.  The frame is the De Rosa King 3, which uses a monolithic carbon construction made entirely of T-700SC carbon which is claimed to offer mechanical resistance and torsional rigidity in a very light frame (950gm).  Kevlar is used as well to add strength and the downtubes are bulged to offer serious bb stiffness.  Internal cable guides give it a sleek appearance as does the integrated seat mast. De Rosa is no stranger to the pro peleton.  The great Eddy Merckx rode frames built by Ugo De Rosa for many years.  The De Rosa tradition continues, albeit with a thoroughly modern machine.

The drivetrain for the Rock Racing King 3, is Campy Record, and the wheels are Cole Products.  Cole Products are a fairly new name to the pro ranks.  Cole offers deep dish carbon tubulars in different heights like Zipp, but offer a unique "Dynamic Spoke Alignment" hub that is a dual flange design.  Cole is popular in the cyclocross world, but a relative new comer in the pro road ranks.  I have heard only mixed reviews on Cole's wheels to date.  As mentioned before Mario is using Lightweight Standards, as he is not bound to use the team issue equipment.  
The bar/stem is by Stella Azzura, pedals Look Keos and the saddles are provided by Fi'zi:k.  These bikes are hard to miss in their bright green and black color schemes.  They are almost as loud as Michael Ball...