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Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif 2008... Updates!

It's been a relatively slow week for news relating to the Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif 2008 contest. No rules changes, no points adjustments. Not a whole lot of new submissions... and frankly, who can blame you? High Road are still begging for entry into the Giro; Astana are in complete oblivion; Lampre riders are being threatened with CONI's own special brand of nonsense... and all of this pales next to what ASO will likely try to pull on the established teams in the next few days. So if a lot of you are sitting on your rosters for the time being, I don't blame you.

But let me reiterate, the deadline is Wednesday, February 27, a mere three weeks off. Also, I'll be on vacation that week in a not-so-far-off land featuring (hopefully) much tequila and babysitters. And I'll have family in town the week before we leave. Which only means, if you can stand to send your rosters in early, you'll have my gratitude. Remember, you'll still have til February 27 to make changes as the deals go down in the real Cycling world.


  • With the VDS kicking off on March 1 with Het Volk, I expect scoring will be a tad rough until the Big Spreadsheet is fully entered. Once that happens, this baby will purr like a kitten... so if things seem a little haphazard that first week, never fear.
  • Prizes Update! One very generous and frankly quite legendary community member has contributed more than enough cash for a sweet jersey to go to the overall winner. If you'd like to contribute to the prizes along the way, contact me at The more loot we have on hand, the more prizes we can come up with. Next: a black jersey competition? 50 pounds of butter? Our collective imagination is the limit.