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Updated: Operacion Puerto Ruling Due ...

Per Cycling Weekly, via la Gazzetta dello Sport, an appeals court in Madrid is expected to rule tomorrow on the UCI's request to reopen and fully investigate the Operacion Puerto matter. At stake is whether the 2006 mega-scandal is thrown wide open for another year of parsing, follow-up investigations and possible sanctions, or whether the files remain forever locked away. I'm not sure which is more agonizing, reliving the scandal all year or consigning it to the shadows, but either way some sort of conclusion would probably benefit the sport. Stay tuned.

Update [2008-2-8 15:11:37 by chris]: VN reported yesterday that the court was scheduled to consider the matter today. This is quite different than having a decision, which could be ready for release anytime from today onward into oblivion. So, while this is an important development, it's apparently not as urgent as appeared. The fact that it's evening in Madrid, way past judging hours, and there's no follow-up confirms this.