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VDS Update: Free At Last!!

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[editor's note, by chris] File updated!! Q column team name list should be complete. Duplicate teams removed. Coupla other fixes made. And the email address below is now correct...

After much misery, the Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif 2008 Competition file is up!

Read the file!

You can peruse for fun, and I'm sure someone will start compiling stats for the most popular rider selections (I'm pretty sure it's Karsten Kroon). But what I really need you to do is to find your team and look it over one last time. Changes this week are final, and limited only to correcting mistakes or making team/DS name changes.

It's a long list, so you can locate your team in column Q and scroll down to the name. Update [2008-3-10 12:0:42 by chris]: Looks like I skipped a bunch of teams in column Q; will update shortly. The important thing is that they be in column A. The code that appears in the code line will be the location of your team on the spreadsheet. For example, if you move the cursor down column Q to Fast Fiets, you'll see "A1922" in the box just above the table. That means the team starts on line 1922.

If you locate a problem, check your email, I may have already contacted you in this regard. If not, email me at [editor's note, by chris] email fixed... it was late... don't ask. Please do so ASAP, we need to put this to bed.

For ease of use, I'll be converting this massive spreadsheet into some smaller items with weekly totals, but this will be an effective way to keep all rosters and total points. So you'll no doubt see it again.

One last thing: an indulgence! I swapped out Gerald Ciolek for Danilo Napolitano. This was about the fifth time I've switched those two on my roster, and in the end I just didn't feel right about calling my team Unibrow without Napo on board. I don't believe either has done anything yet, or gotten hurt, so it's a harmless switch... and the last one permitted anywhere. Thanks!