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VDS Feedbag

Apologies to those of you not interested in or playing our little competition for all of the fantasy distractions, but it's been an unusual week with lots to report. Such as:

  • The allraces spreadsheet is pretty much done, with only one team still to make a last change. This isn't as tedious as it sounds: one team insists on filling uninteresting 1-pt spots with dead presidents, and another had changes made by proxy from his location somewhere in the Pacific (or Atlantic; I always get them confused). Anyway, after this one last change, the VD Sentry goes on vacation... but not permanently:
  • There will be grand-tour-only competitions! Only people NOT involved in the yearlong comp are eligible; no double dipping! Basic rules: 50 points, 10 riders. If it were 100% point-equitable with the year-long, 10 riders would be worth 60 points, but obviously the GT-only squads will be more tailored. I don't know if this will work, and if one or the other shows a distinct advantage, we'll issue separate prizes. But let's try it with the Giro and see what happens. Look for an announcement in a month.
  • All races updated today. At P-N, only Carlstrom and Chavanel scored VDS points, since nobody had selected the second and third place riders. Obviously the T-A winners figured more prominently. No Clever Name owns Paris-Nice so far. Sorry Si Ja Da. Team Gunners running second, and I believe may be the Overall Leader on the Road... but the final points will likely change by Monday.
  • I won't post daily updates or notices, but I will be adding in the points just about every day, so please just get in the habit of going to Virtual Directeur Sportif Resources! in the Menu box whenever you feel so moved.